Flying Colors

Balloons & Colorful Ribbons are Symbol of Celebrations. A pleasant way to share your celebrating moments with your dear ones.....
space provided to pen your celebration moment on the card

Size: 8 1/4" X  5 1/2"

Express your LOVE

Hi all,
Today I'm posting a Beautiful Red Card...

Size: 8 1/2" X  5 1/2"

And see closely...

I gave four layers with different pattern papers, and gave a creative cut edges.

Added three flower buttons, a simple quilled heart and also a ribbon which makes my card simply cute.

Quilled card#3Roses

Hey, I am back again with quilling... It's really awesome to Quill.
Pink flowers n green leaves on a blue card stock (Edge given a creative cut) and again stuck over a white card stock.

Love, Passion and Expression together quilled and finally what we see is the beautiful   

Size: 4 X 6".

Quilled card# 2

Hey today its Time for great quilling....
Love a lot to quilllllllll...
Purple butterfly and Orange flowers... oh here comes a great combination
Size: 4 X 6".

Flower Vase tutorial

Hello All,
Today I am going to show how to prepare your own punch craft...
For this all you need is Color Papers,Dry stems, flower punch, quilling tool, green color and glue.

Step 1: Take the dry stems and paint with green color on it.

Step 2: Use the flower punch to create the flower patterns

I would suggest to create multiple flower patterns of any color of your choice

Step 3: Place the flower patterns in your palm and gently press at the center of the pattern using the quilling tool. You can notice the difference in the picture below.

Step 4: Take the colored dry stem and add glue dots randomly.

Step 5: Affix the prepared flowers to the stem...

and so on.....

Finally here comes our beautiful branch full of flowers.

All together decorated in a *Vase...
*Vase... Made using two paper cups wrapped up in a pattern paper; and added a ribbon...